A taste of Valencia at Palace Fesol

Our menu is nourished by the most representative dishes of Valencian gastronomy and we offer you a selection of typical products of our land made with local ingredients. Hot and cold starters, meats, fish and, of course, a selection of rice dishes, both paella and casserole. And if fideuà is more suited to your liking, you can also find it in our menu.

In addition, to put the icing on the cake we offer you a whole assortment of desserts designed to satisfy all tastes and have some of the most representative sweets of Valencian gastronomy, from a chocolate brownie with ice cream to an orange tiramisu, a homemade apple pie or caramelized citrus creams. We also have horchata pudding and fartons with tiger nut cream ice cream, coffee flan and a whole assortment of ice creams. Taste Valencia in Palace Fesol.

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Take a look at some of our dishes

Our starters

Fish fritters

Delicious hake and prawn fritters

Crunchy sachet

Filled with goat cheese, onion ratatouille, zucchini and raspberry marmalade

Seasonal tuna

With homemade tomato and extra virgin olive oil

Timbal de esgarraet

Cold peppers salad with cod and ‘mojama’ (mediterranean delicacy consisting of filleted salt-cured tuna)

Iberian bait ham

Accompanied by glass bread and natural grated tomato

Homemade cod meatballs

With fried tomato and alioli sauce

Rices and fideuà

Paella valenciana

Valencian paella (chicken, rabbit, vegetables and snails)

Arroz de bogavante seco, meloso o caldoso

Lobster rice, dry or in stock

Arroz de verduras

Vegetable paella

Arroz marinera

Seafood rice (prawn, mussels, crayfish)

Arroz de langosta

Lobster rice

Fideuà marinera

Vermicelli noodles with seafood

Our desserts

Combination of desserts

Seasonal fruit, homemade apple tart and liquid chocolate brownie

Puding de horchata y fartons

Horchata and fartons pudding

Served with tiger nut cream ice-cream

Burnt citrus cream

Delicious, smooth and with just the right amount of acidity