Long-standing Valencian restaurant

For over a century, Palace Fesol has been an icon of the Valencian gastronomic scene, and thanks to the passion for cooking that has been passed from generation to generation, the name continues to be a symbol of tradition and innovation.

With the dedication to work and effort that has always characterized the team at the front of Palace Fesol, today our staff remains committed to bring you the best dishes of Valencian cuisine being faithful to the essence of our recipe book, but embracing the new possibilities that the hospitality industry has today.

In Palace Fesol you will find an ideal place to enjoy the best traditional Valencian food with your family and friends, at our incomparable location in the center of Valencia. Not for nothing, in Palace Fesol we are committed to accessibility without concessions, keeping this emblematic enclave so linked to our history. Some of the most influential personalities of their time have passed through the walls of Palace Fesol decade after decade, always offering an impeccable culinary experience and maintaining in all our dishes the flavor and aroma characteristic of Valencian cuisine.

Restaurant in the center of Valencia

Our Valencian paella restaurant is located in the heart of the city, come in and fall in love with the flavour of our beautiful city!

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Authentic Valencian Paella

We use local and fresh ingredients to offer typical Valencian dishes, with the flavor that characterizes both our land and our cuisine

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Traditional Valencian rice dishes

Discover our culinary tradition through our rice dishes. You cannot miss them if you visit the land of flowers

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In addition, at Palace Fesol, as a restaurant that has been offering the best service in traditional cuisine for over a hundred years, we know better than anyone how important it is to keep certain traditions intact and make them last. With that premise we work every day in the preparation of our dishes, offering locally sourced products and selecting them carefully to work them as only in Palace Fesol we know how. The result? An experience to remember thanks to the exquisite taste of true traditional Valencian cuisine.

But this love of tradition, which we strive to keep intact in order not to distort the essence that makes our dishes exceptional, is accompanied by a touch of dynamism and innovation with the creation of spaces that are more in line with current trends. In Palace Fesol we are no strangers to the strong roots that have taken small tapas during the day or more informal meetings between friends in the afternoon. Therefore, to bring the best Valencian cuisine to any time of day, we have integrated a tavern in order to create a unique space where you can enjoy what we do best at Palace Fesol in a more relaxed atmosphere: preparing the most exquisite starters and dishes.

All in all, at Palace Fesol we are prepared to satisfy all your needs, whatever they may be. Both in our restaurant, our tavern and wine cellar, which features the best Valencian wines, you can enjoy the best sensations that only Valencian cuisine is capable of offering.